Mouse over the thumbnails to see the full size image
Mouse over the thumbnails to see the full size image
Unusual succulents for the collector, landscaper & gardener
The genus Euphorbia was described by Linaeus as long ago as 1753 and consists of more than 2,000 species -mainly indigenous to Africa, Arabia and India. Euphorbias are much sought after by collectors for their variety of shapes and sizes.

Euphorbias are superbly adapted to their specific conditions, whether that be snowy, high altitude sites or dry desert areas with over 40 degrees in summer.

Very few plants have found their way into home gardens. Although they are indigenous, Euphorbias are still relatively unknown to the public so people are often unsure how to use them in combination with other plants. They can also be difficult to find as very few nurseries stock them.

Below are examples of the plants we have. Scroll the mouse over the thumbnails to see larger images.

Please note that as the seasons change, the number of plants and species available for sale may vary. Please email a request for an up to date plant list if you are interested in buying.

E. obesa
E. aeruginosa
E. ambovobensis
E. barnardii
E. capsaintemariensis
E. clivicola
E. coerulescens
E. cylindrifolia
E. deceptor
E. enlopa
E. enormis
E. decidua
E. esculenta
E. evansii
E. ferox
E. filiflora
E. fusca
E. graniticola
E. griseola
E. groenewaldii
E. knobellii
E. knuthii
E. melaformis
E. moratii
E. opontioides
E. moratii
E. persistans
E. pseudocactus
E. pulvinata
E. restricta
E. sp. nova Burgersfort
E. sp. nova Chuniespoort
E. tortirama
E. symmetrica
E. sp. nova Lydenburg
E. stellaespina
E. umfoloziensis
E. vandermerwei